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Besmeats Wholesale Limited was established in Ontario Canada in 2001. Our company specializes in selling meat products (both local and international).  Our products consist of the usual cuts for cow, pork, and chicken but we are also able to procure specialized cuts of meats that are normally harder to find. Our company specifically targets consumers who use these products in larger scales and we mainly focus on a B2B trade. Our in-house butchers ensure that our customers will receive products to their exact specifications. We have been established long term relations with many reputable suppliers with a wide range of products. Our current customer base consists of multiple Asian restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area. Our company has a meat processing plant located at 110 Dynamic Dr, Unit 41, Scarborough, ON M1V 5C7 which consists of a facility that has an area of up to 5400 square feet. Our butchers work tirelessly to ensure that customers receive the freshest ingredients possible for their culinary needs.

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Besmeats Wholesale Limited meat slaughtering and processing plant is located in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, covering many surrounding towns and large cities within a 40-minute drive. In addition, the processing plant is close to the main highway and is located at a major intersection, so delivery, life, and transportation are very convenient. The company has worked in the field of meat processing for many years and has extensive industry experience.

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Where the magic happens

The company has a facility with more than 5,000 square feet. Our Meat processing plant includes various refrigerated processing areas and various processing equipment such as bandsaws and meat grinders. With the facility and equipment, we are able to produce and process various meat products in a timely manner which is then delivered with our multiple freight vehicles. The second floor of the factory contains the administrative office as well as the supervision office. From production equipment, to the factory building all equipment is regularly maintained for high levels of efficient and clean production.

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The processing plant handles thousands of  pounds of pork, cattle, sheep, chicken, and duck meat everyday in order to meet market demand. This demand includes restaurants and supermarkets in Ontario. We also specialize in cuts such as the offal products of pigs, cattle, and sheep which are a long-standing favourite of many Asian cultures. Our meat can be classified as cuts with Chinese characteristics that are perfect for Asian cuisine. In order to meet the needs of the market, the company is also equipped with a meat packaging service.

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Our company has been in the meat processing business for 20 years and is a well-known local enterprise. The product quality is first-rate and the brand infrastructure is very solid and has a very good reputation within the local communities.

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